20+ Celebrity Men with Long Hair

1. Christian Bale with Long Layered Hair

Christian Bale with Long Hair

2. Miles McMillan Long Dark Hair

Miles McMillan Long Hair

3. Bradley Cooper with Long Wavy Hair

Bradley Cooper with Long Hair

4. Jared Leto Long Blonde Hair

Jared Leto Long Hair

5. Jonathan Rhys Long Fine Hairstyle

Jonathan Rhys Long Hair

6. Antonio Banderas Long Wet Hair

Antonio Banderas Long Hairstyles

7. Celebrity Men with Very Long Straight Hair

Best Celebrity Men with Long Straight Hair

8. Sebastian Stan’s Long Straight Hair

Sebastian Stan's Long Hairstyles

9. Taylor Kitsch Long Fine Hair

Taylor Kitsch Long Hairstyles

10. Johnny Depp with Long Brown Hair

Johnny Depp with Long Hair Style

11. Austin Davis Long Blonde Straight Hair

Austin Davis Long Blonde Hair

12. Zayn Malik Long Dark Hair Bun

Best Zayn Malik Long Hair Bun

13. Colin Farrell Long Straight Hairstyle

Colin Farrell Long Hairstyles

14. Young Johnny Depp Long Messy Hairstyle

Young Johnny Depp Long Hairstyles

15. Heath Ledger Long Wavy Hairstyle

Heath Ledger Long Hairstyles

16. Christian Kane Long Brown Hair

Christian Kane Long Hairstyles

17. Ian Somerhalder Long Dark Hairstyle

Ian Somerhalder Long Hairstyles

18. Jensen Ackles Long Fine Hair

Jensen Ackles Long Hairstyles

19. Tom Cruise Straight Long Hairstyles

Tom Cruise Long Hairstyles

20. Myles Kennedy Long Dark Hairstyle

Myles Kennedy Long Hairstyles

21. Brad Pitt Long Blonde Hair

Brad Pitt Long Hairstyles

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