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Villa Okay by Paul de Ruiter Architects

Positioned in German Thüringen, this sustainable concrete residence was designed in 2014 by Paul de Ruiter Architects.


Description by Paul De Ruiter Architects

Villa Okay, situated in Thüringen, is the primary German challenge for Paul de Ruiter Architects. The belief of a sustainable villa, discrete and built-in within the pure atmosphere, was the want of the consumer. The outcome is a simple, however modern residence constructed from solely glass, metal and concrete.

Residing house

The sustainable home is oriented in the direction of the south, that is the place the residing- and bedrooms are located. A glass façade, stretching from roof to ground, demarcates the residing areas. The glass façade, with out disruptions reminiscent of home windows or out of doors solar blinds, displays nothing however the air and gives wonderful views over the valley. Across the dwelling space a U-formed terrace is located. The center of the terrace is crossed by a partly indoor patio and a pool that appears to drift above the hill. By means of the addition of a lifting platform throughout the pool, the terrace visually seems to proceed. This platform will be pulled up when deciding to go for a swim. Across the terrace a backyard is organized with vegetable crops and fruit timber, by which the proprietor is ready to harvest his personal yield on this particular location up within the mountains.

Unity with the mountain surroundings

The doorway, technical areas, pantry, searching room and storage with room for six automobiles are situated on the north facet, moved into the slope of the mountain. The whole roof construction of the villa is roofed with moss and sedum. This reduces the cooling load and seen from the next located space, this inexperienced roof makes the villa to mix into the pure surroundings due. Above the storage and the doorway photo voltaic cells are positioned, directed to the south to offer the villa with power.

Power environment friendly

A climatologically attention-grabbing and sustainable state of affairs is created by the orientation in direction of the south and by putting a big a part of the home into the mountain slope. The south aspect receives massive quantities of daylight and heat, whereas the ‘subterranean’ a part of the home comprises chilly air. A warmth exchanger applied within the villa collects this heat and chilly air and transports it to the warmth pump. The warmth pump shops chilly air to chill in the summertime and saves heat air to warmth the home throughout winter occasions. This method is linked to a cooling ceiling and underfloor heating, which ensures a cushty residing local weather every single day of the yr. A fragile and fully computerized pc system steers these stainable heating and cooling techniques.

Images by Patrick Voigt

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