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RG/RM Residence by Gobbo Architetti


Situated in Italy, this modern residence was fully redesigned in 2015 by Gobbo Architetti.


Description by Gobbo Architetti

The residence outcomes from the fusion and subsequent refurbishment of two properties situated on the identical ground of a constructing within the historic middle of the town.

Re-use of area is permeated on a central line which guidelines the home in all its depth, marked by steady orthogonal breakthroughs: if crossed in a way, from the technical space overlooking the big eating desk to the grasp rest room, this line leads in areas that regularly get increasingly more intimate; if traveled in the wrong way, it lets discover a extra open dimension the place kitchen, eating and dwelling coexist collectively in a single large house.

The character of such structured and rigorous areas was moderated via using sturdy and heat supplies within the design of furnishings: wooden, uncooked metal and cement strictly manufactured based on artisan methods for custom-made tasks of livingroom and baths; lacquered heat white and stainless-steel in industrial furnishings comparable to kitchen, wardrobes and sofas.

Images by Paolo Utimpergher

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